July 19, 2014
POV: New Paintings by Jamie Chase - July 25-August 8, 2014


August solo show features figurative acrylic paintings with a tight frame on perspective

Santa Fe, NM— Jamie Chase has been a fixture of the Santa Fe art community for over 30 years. His long career informs his work, each canvas a link in the evolutionary chain. In his new exhibition POV: New Paintings by Jamie Chase, opening with an artist reception on Friday, July 25 from 5-7 pm and closing August 8, the artist presents a stunning array of perspectives culled from a lifetime of looking and creating. It’s Chase’s complex point of view—his “POV”.

“The path of an artist is… the telling of the story,” Chase says. “Revealing a dialogue between interior perception and exterior reflection.” In the acrylic painter’s well-known figurative works, female nudes float through abstract fields of color, their surroundings reflecting their emotional experience. Chase’s newer series of abstracted landscapes drops the viewer directly into these color fields, allowing us to experience firsthand the profound feelings of his figures.

This exploration of multiple perspectives—inner and outer, intuitive and reasoned—has sent the artist on journeys both real and imagined. Chase grew up in San Francisco and embarked on a self-guided art tour of Europe as a young adult. By the 1980s when he moved to Santa Fe, the young artist’s head was spinning with classical influences, from the flattened figures of Ancient Egypt to the abstracted nudes of Nathan Oliveira.

“In terms of inspiration, Jamie likes to think of himself as part of the long, winding path of art history,” says gallery owner Lawrence Matthews. “When it comes to the emotional worlds of his muses, however, he fearlessly forges new trails.”

POV: New Paintings by Jamie Chase is a continuation of both journeys, a fresh viewpoint on a long, storied life in art.

For a special preview of Jamie's new artwork, check out our exhibition page.

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