Wen Ze Chen

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Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Call It a Day- Matthews Gallery
Call It a Day
Oil on Canvas
32 x 32 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Peaceful River- Matthews Gallery
Peaceful River
Oil on Canvas
24 x 28 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Quiet Afternoon- Matthews Gallery
Quiet Afternoon
Oil on Canvas
48 x 48 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Backyard- Matthews Gallery
Oil on Canvas
26 x 30 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Beyond the Misty Mountains- Matthews Gallery
Beyond the Misty Mountains
Oil on Canvas
32 x 28 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Fantastic Foliage- Matthews Gallery
Fantastic Foliage
Oil on Canvas
24 x 28 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Golden Fields in the Forest- Matthews Gallery
Golden Fields in the Forest
Oil on Canvas
28 x 24 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Gone on Vacation- Matthews Gallery
Gone on Vacation
Oil on Canvas
38 x 48 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Morning Light- Matthews Gallery
Morning Light
Oil on Canvas
32 x 28 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Morning Shadows- Matthews Gallery
Morning Shadows
Oil on Canvas
31 x 27 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Mountain Meadow- Matthews Gallery
Mountain Meadow
Oil on Canvas
24 x 28 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Practicing Ballet- Matthews Gallery
Practicing Ballet
Oil on Canvas
38 x 32 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Rippling Waters of Peace- Matthews Gallery
Rippling Waters of Peace
Oil on Canvas
28 x 24 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- The Blue Ridge- Matthews Gallery
The Blue Ridge
Oil on Canvas
28 x 32 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- The Colors of Tranquility- Matthews Gallery
The Colors of Tranquility
Oil on Canvas
32 x 38 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Falling Waters- Matthews Gallery
Falling Waters
Oil on Canvas
48 x 38 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Alone in the Sunlight- Matthews Gallery
Alone in the Sunlight
Oil on Canvas
32 x 39 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Flowing Lights of Romance- Matthews Gallery
Flowing Lights of Romance
Oil on Canvas
32 x 32 in
Wen Ze  Chen Wen Ze Chen- Loving Mountain and River- Matthews Gallery
Loving Mountain and River
Oil on Canvas
32 x 32 in

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Wen Ze  Chen

Wen Ze Chen

Wen Ze Chen Description

Wen Ze Chen grew up in the Fujian province of China, a region that natives describe as “eight parts mountain, one part water, and one part farmland.” He started painting at eight years old and never stopped after that, even in young adulthood when he worked long days as a farmer.

Determined to pursue an art career, Wen studied at Su Zhou University and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1984. He took a job teaching architecture at Hua Qiao University and worked there until 1992, when he flew off to Georgia to study oil painting and seek an international audience for his work.

Wen’s first years in the United States were difficult. He took jobs as a carpet tester and floor polisher to make ends meet and worked to strengthen his English skills. In his free time he developed his painting style, studying impasto techniques and Buddhist wall painting methods.

The artist is guided by his rural roots. He folds together thick layers of paint with a palette knife and carves out bright, expansive landscapes that possess a carefully balanced, serene beauty.

“Nature’s landscape is set on tranquil moods, which is never tiring,” Wen says. Often his only characters are a playful breeze or singing stream, but sometimes solitary figures stroll among the swirling ribbons of color.

It wasn’t long before American art connoisseurs took notice of Wen’s work. He lived in the United States for over a decade and exhibited in more than 100 group and solo shows across the nation, building a passionate base of collectors. The artwork in the Matthews Gallery’s collection is from this period, and is a unique record of the stunning beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Now the artist resides with his wife in China, where he continues to draw inspiration from the natural world for his work.

“The secret to beauty is expression for which no standard can be set against,” Wen says. “Beauty comes from that unique, personal style where one paints with the heart. Paint out the vitality, the emotion. Paint with true love, passion and eternity.”

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1980-84 Bachelor in Art and Craft at College of Art, Su Zhou University, China


2001 Eight art works were collected by the Blue Ridge Public Library, GA

2000 "Budda" won Excellent Prize on the National Art Competion held by Wu-DouZi Museum

1998 Feature on "Blue Milk" artist magazine

1996-1998 Chairman of Chinese Artist Association of Atlanta, GA

1996 "Still Life" won 1st Place at Atlanta Artist Club annual exhibition.

    Gouache "Sacrificial Rote" won the first prize of another painting exhibition.

1993 Interveiwed by TIME  magazine in September

1984 Excellent Prize, Hong Kong Silk Fashion General Exhibition.

1983-84 Chairman of Water Color Society at Suzhou Branch, Jin Su province


2001 "Guan Yin" was collected into "Who's Who of North American Overseas Chinese Artists, II"

2000 "Budda" was published by "The Works of Famous Chinese Artists"

1999 Oil painting "Black Boy" was collected into "Always Bright: Paintings by American Chinese Artist 1970-1999"

1997 Gouache "Atlanta Urban Sight" was published on the cover of "Where Atlanta"

1995 Oil painting was published in "Artists of Chinese Origin in North AMerican Overseas Directory"

1987 "Li Son Yin", ShangHai Art Publication

1984 "Pattern of Yuan Gang Stone Cave Sculpture", Chinese People's Art Publication.

1983 Pattern Works, Practical Art Magazine


2013 “Spectrum”, Group Show, Matthews Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1995 Personal Show at Atlanta Botanical Garden

1994 New works "Yuan Gang Serials" shown at Atlanta City Hall.

1994 New works "Yuan Gang Serial" shown at AAC Gallery

1993 Personal show at Asian Square Grand Opening Art Exhibition.

1993 Personal show at Gallery of Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta

1993 Personal show at Central Congregation Church, Atlanta

1993 New works shown in Atlanta Artist Club Gallery

1993 "Budda" shown at 6th National Juried Art Exhibition, South Cobb Art Alliance

1993 Self portrait entered the AAC Traveling Show of Georgia

1992-93 "Young Chinese Prize Awarded Artists in America", New York

1992 Textile and fashion pattern designer for D.S.F. Creative Consultant Ltd., NY

1984-92 Lecturer in Architecture and Art Department of Hua Qiao University, China

1988-92 Architectural Renderings for Hua Qiao Architecture and Civil Corporation

1991 Sculpture "Strength" for Nan Feng Textiles Ltd., Hong Kong

1990 Wall painting "Weaver Spirits", for Nan Feng Textiles Ltd., Hong Kong



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Mercer University

Georgia Bank of Commerce

Boston Consulting Group


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