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Willard MacGregor

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Willard  MacGregor Willard MacGregor- Untitled (Abstraction) circa 1960s- Matthews Gallery
Untitled (Abstraction), c. 1960's
Oil on Canvas
25 x 21 in

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Willard  MacGregor

Willard MacGregor

Willard MacGregor Description

Willard MacGregor (1901-1993) was an abstract expressionist painter and classical pianist. He was born in Boston and studied piano in St. Louis, Paris and Berlin. In the early 1930s, after a concert tour across Europe, he studied painting with Franz Lerch for two years. He returned to the United States soon after to focus on his music career, but he continued painting and exhibited in New York City, Chicago, Newark and other cities across the nation.

“MacGregor shows the same vigor, warmth and professional technique in his music as he does in his painting,” remarked The Virgin Islands Daily News.

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