John Encinias

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John  Encinias John Encinias- Fading Light- Matthews Gallery
Fading Light, 1992
Oil on Canvas Board
13.5 x 16.5 in
John  Encinias John Encinias- Winter Rime- Matthews Gallery
Winter Rime
Oil on Board
13 x 15 in

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John  Encinias

John Encinias

John Encinias Description

John Encinias was born in 1949 near Santa Fe, New Mexico. The self-taught artist now resides in Denver, CO.

Encinias draws inspiration from Impressionism and American realists like Andrew Wyeth and George Inness for his subdued but lyrical landscapes.

"As an artist, my goal is to create paintings that project a peacefulness — that make the viewer comfortable with the naturalness of what is being depicted," he says. "There are no hidden meanings in my work, just my personal expressions of how I felt about what was in front of me as I painted it.”

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